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The team

Board of Advisors

Patricia Loris Elías Atala, My underlying purpose in life is to pursue my individuation, there is an inherent need in me for depth and growth.

I was born and have lived in Mexico City my whole life, this is city that models character, this is a city that brings out that best and the worst, a city full of life, contrast, violence and magic, a city that never stops vibrating, a city were you see light and shadow at the same, always together.

I grew up in this big city with constant precaution of not getting hurt, there was not much freedom in my life. It is a cultural belief that women need special care, because we are not capable of surviving by our own, I was not and exception for this believe, the idea of a complete women is the one beside a man. My journey as a woman has been to find within my masculine creative energy, I am learning how to be a woman, with force, determination, ambition, tenderness, receptiveness and warmth, with both creative energies.

Since I remember my life has been based in a search, as a child I recall trying to make sense to my own suffering, there I was and have always been searching for meanings of myself and others.

When I was old enough to choose my professions I did not hesitate and enrolled in clinical psychology, I studied the degree in the UIA, after I finished it an act of sincronisity led me to one of the few depth psychologists in Mexico City. I was transformed, for the first time I felt a significant change of self. It was this time when I realized that I wanted to follow the path of depth psychology and it is when I enter Pacifica Graduated Institute.

For the last 8 years I have been working with women, it all started as parenting school and it has suffer a impressive transformation, instead of giving away information we gather and talk about different topics, sexuality, spirituality, parenting, career, among other themes, it is a place to remember the forgotten women clans. I also work in private practice were I attend women and adolescents. My career has given meaning and joy to my life is an important source of well being.

Rocío Ruiz Navarro, Is a clinical psychologist, a couple therapists, and a Jungian analyst, member of the CG Jung Institute of Chicago (CSJA) and founder of Amigos de Jung en Mexico (AJUM).

She has worked as a psychotherapist for more than 35 years. During that time she has worked with children and adolescents, hospitalized patients with malformations and terminal problems, with couples and with adult patients in psychotherapy and psychoanalysis. Teacher and supervisor for therapists and candidates in training. Conferencist. She also has worked with shamans looking for an encounter with analytical psychology. She works with dreams from the Jungian perspective and with women groups looking for the feminine connection. In permanent search for development and spiritual connection she has studied with different “teachers” and has been involved in ceremonies, vision quests and in some shamanic experiences. Actually, she lives in Cancun, where she reopens her clinical practice and travels periodically to Mexico City to work with patients and with AJUM (Amigos de Jung en México), trying to expand Jung and the analytic psychology in Mexico.


Ana Zarina Fiorentini Cañedo, Licenciada en Psicología Clínica por CETYS - Noroeste (Tijuana, Baja California), Maestría en Orientación Psicológica por la Universidad Iberoamericana, Especialidad en Psicología Comunitaria (UIA), Diplomado en Tanatología (INMEXT), Diplomado en Estudios de la mujer (UAM-Xochimilco) y Diplomado en Supervisión en prácticas profesionales (UIA), actualmente estudiante del Doctorado en Investigación Psicológica, en la Universidad Iberoamericana.

Tiene quince años de experiencia profesional en el ámbito de la psicología comunitaria, desarrollando y participando en la construcción de proyectos comunitarios dentro del 3er sector, con poblaciones psicosocialmente vulnerables. Actualmente colabora en el Centro de Adiestramiento Personal y Social A.C., como responsable del área socioemocional de personas con discapacidad intelectual, así como también en la intervención, construcción, capacitación y asesoría de un modelo de intervención psicológica hospitalaria, en diversas instituciones públicas y privadas del sector salud. Docente por más de 10 años en la Universidad Iberoamericana, en la Licenciatura en Psicología, así como supervisora de la práctica en psicología comunitaria en el Hospital Pediátrico Tacubaya. Voluntaria desde hace 11 años, a partir de la elaboración e implementación de un Programa de Salud Mental Comunitaria en la población infantil víctima de quemaduras.


Paul Roberts, was born in England in 1954. He has been involved in education all his life. His primary school education was reasonably enlightened but secondary school introduced him to the horrors and petty sadism of the English public school system, and left him with a lifelong desire to transform educational practices. He has worked in different forms of education all his working life, beginning as a social worker with single homeless women, families and adolescents. He then practiced as a humanistically trained psychotherapist before working in leadership, team and organizational development for over 25 years. His clients have included large transnational organizations, small family businesses, and the public and non-profit sector. He has lived for the last seven years in Mexico, working as a professor at the University of Guadalajara, and a Head of Department at the Mexican Institute of Public Health, one of the leading research institutes in the Americas - combining this with his independent organizational consultancy practice. He first visited the Peruvian Amazon in January 2010 where he was amazed at both the richness and diversity of the natural environment and the extraordinary culture of the indigenous Shipibo people. Since then has become increasingly involved in different educational projects aimed at helping preserve this unique culture. He is moving to Lima in November 2011 to be Director of Education of the newly formed NGO Alianza Arkana: