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The team

Volunteers / Social Service

Yuriria Chávez Quiroz, Graduated from Universidad AutónomaMetropolitana as a Social psychologist, her background is in analytical psychotherapy with transpersonal orientation at the Institute of Transpersonal Analysis of Mexico City, taking as a basis the analytic psychology of Jung and the corporal psychology of Wilhelm Reich. Later, at the Institute of Deep Psychology in Mexico, A. C. she continued specializing in Carl Jung’s and James Hillman’s deep psychology. At the same institute she worked as a teacher and is currently supervising cases. From 2010 to present, she is attending training as a teacher of somatic movement at the Bodymind movement Centering. She is interested in how the psychological work can expand out of the limits of the clinic, has entered both the clinical and social psychology to work in various ONG´s with a psychosocial approach. She now works as coordinator of the social service atMalintzin Society. She has worked as a psychotherapist for 9 years, working at the individual level with adolescents and adults.

Edgardo Kerlegand, was born in the state of Chiapas south of Mexico, and he was interested in painting since he was 12 years old, in that moment the interest of human figure was already very strong, the spiritual and the introspection of his characters has been determinant in his work. The colors and textures that emerge by themselves characterize him. The principal influence comes from the oriental paintings, the orthodox iconography, the German expressionism and the Mexican muralist. His exhibitions has been favorably exposed in the United States, Argentina, Colombia, Spain, Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, Croatia, Bosnia, Yugoslavia and of course in Mexico. As teacher he started with the students of the Maestro Sainz Zorrilla in the project of the mural in the Cuernavaca market, in 1993 he traveled to Argentina and taught painting and design, later in Croatia he imparts lessons of Spanish, drawing and Mexican painting. In the year 2000 he was invited by the Mexican embassy in Yugoslavia to a colony of artists, imparting classes of acrylic painting to Serbian, Bulgarian, Greek and Russian painters. He has been the only Latin American with this experience. Since 2005 has taught “Dibujo Zen” to many groups of artists en Mexico and the United States, now he is exploring a variation in which he works with depth psychology as a mirror in drawing at his workshop named “Dibujo Tezcatlipoca”. He lives now in San Miguel de Allende where he owns a Gallery and works as academic coordinator at Instituto Allende. He studied Visual and Graphic Arts and has a Master Degree in Visual Arts and Painting.

Dora Juárez Kiczkovsky, Studied at Escuela Superior de Música de México and at Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica simultaneously. She is part of MunaZul group in which she is singer in Mexico and abroad. With this group, shehas recorded twice, her first record was produced by John Zorn for the firm Tzadik and the second for the firm Intolerancia. With Germánbringas recorded “En la panza de la ballena” an improvisation duet for voice, hose, trumpet and sax. She has collaborated with different prominent musicians and bands as Ernst Reijseger, MolaSyla, I ConcorduD´Orosei, Juan Pablo Villa, Fernando Vigueras, La Barranca, Real de Catorce, Petra, Armando Rosas and Los Shajatos, among others. Dora has performed fiction shorts and documentaries that had been showed at international festivals and has been awarded. She has worked vocally with the music for some shorts and films, the most important are The Wild Blue Yonder and The white diamond, by Werner Herzog. She has had the FONCA scholarship for three times. Now she has been working in some documentaries and shorts about voices and songs about Mexico with the support of Programa de Coinversiones from the same institution. She was a singing teacher at Fermatta for a couple of years and has taught some workshops about vocal creativity for groups in different places. Dora was born in Israel from Argentinian parents, Polish grandparents, she lived in Mexico since her childhood and now she is Mexican by choice. Her immigrant background strongly marks her main obsessions. Her creativity is inescapably permeated by her belonging and holding issues which she tries to direct trough the work with her voice.

Aída A. Ortiz Sandoval , Psychologist graduated from Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico. She was formed in Depth/Archetypal Psychology at the Instituto de PsicologíaProfunda en México and received a M.A. degree in Organizational Development from Instituto de Estudios de Posgrado (INESPO). Interested mainly in applying arquetípica psychology within the labor scope. At the moment she is psychoanalyst in EcosistemasEmocionales, company leader in protecting the emotional health of the employee. Aida has written diverse essays on human factor within the organizations and currently has a private practice in Mexico City.

Amada Nefer León, I would like to tell you briefly something about my life and facts. My most profound interests and abilities were manifested in a very early age: to communicate, acting, reading and listening.Therefore and leaded for those interests, I become radio presenter, I got a Major on Social Communication, and the thesis theme refers about labyrinths and semiotic; where I propose a typology for the experience concerning mazes on literature, films, intertextuality, life. At last but not least, I attend people that ask for emphatic listening and soul contemption. A sufi practice took me in a journey through the sacred space beneath urban life; and also sets me on the scene for a later contact with jungian theories, which I consider to be further than an academic stream, a way of life. So I started my jungian instruction on the Deep Psychology Institute, directed by Sven Doenher, where also practiced on dreams analysis. On present days I am member and student on Malintzin Society, where continue my instruction on Group Therapy; by now I am giving a social work with a group applying theatre-therapy techniques. Thanks to you for reading me. Life, as a labyrinth has infinite of possibilities.

Cristal Mendoza Gutiérrez, September 12, 1981.Graduate in Dramatic Literature and Theatre by the Universidad NacionalAutónoma de México (UNAM). She has worked in cultural management at the Festival del Tambor y La Cultura Africana A.C., and the subjects Literature and Aesthetics in Art Education and various educational institutions, as well as Afro-Caribbean dances workshops in cultural institutions.In 2010 began the theoretical and practical training in Jungian-Archetypal Psychology, and now begins its work as a psychotherapist.

Dante Morales Chávez, Born in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico, but raised in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, a nearby city. He has a degree in Psychology from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California, in Tijuana. After that, he studied a while, in Distrito Federal (Mexico City), Archetypal Psychology with Malintzin Society, and at the Instituto de Psicología Profunda en México (Institute of Deep Psychology in Mexico).

Laura Elena González Solís, I have majored in Psychology at the Mexico Technology University (UNITEC, Atizapan campus) 2006 - 2008. I carried out my social service at the Atizapan of Zaragoza youth mentorship participating in the adolescent antisocial behavior rehabilitation program. In 2009 I joined the Depth Psychology Institute in Mexico studying Archetypical psychology formation. In 2011 I became part of the therapist formation at Malintzin Society. Currently I hold private practice and continue studying Archetypical Psychology.

María Islas Pérez, Studied psychology at the “Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana” in México City. Shetrained in ArchetypalPsycholoy at the “Instituto de Psicología Profunda en México”; studiedExistentialPerspectives at the “Círculo de Estudios en Psicoterapia Existencial”; and participated in publichealthservices at the “Hospital General de México”, at the “Hosptial Juárez”, and at the “Psiquiátrico Fray Bernardino Álvarez”. She has also practiced therapeutic accompaniment with psychotic patients. Her interests centers on developing therapeutic work with a language consistent with the depth of the psyche, turning to images in dreams, art, tarot, mythology and literature, as much as to philosophical-existential approaches. Presently, her participation with Malintzin has initiated her in group work and in the task of taking Archetypal Psychology beyond a private practice and into the world.

René García, Studied at Institute of Depth Psychologyin Mexico, focusedon the theory of Carl Gustav Jung.Currently at Malintzin Society,ingroup therapy training. I acquired the experienceto recognize inour social, family,culturalanduniversal environments,issuesas inthe daily lifepatternsare shownthat overtakeus and create aunique wayof expression.

Regina Guadalupe Luria Bustindui, Born on August 16th. 1955 in Mexico City from German father and Cuban mother, she was brought up in the United States where she attended Junior High School at Miss Hewitts School in New York City and then High School at Saint Mary's Hallin San Antonio, Texas from 1969-1973. She then went to Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana as a Psychology Major and Art History Minor for two years. She transferred to Sweet Briar College in Virginia for one more year and in 1976 shearrived back in Mexico to work in the Tourist Industry as Group Coordinator and Guidefor USA and Canada. For the next fifteen years she worked in the Advertising Industryin Production and Creative Departments and since 1996 she is a private English and Frenchteacher and translator. In October, 2010 she began her studies in Depth Psychology and finished two semesters inMythology (8 months) and another semester in training for Empathic Listening in 2011.

Sandra Berenice Moreno Serrano, July 24th, 1971. Studied International Trade and a Masters in International Logistics at Instituto Politécnico Nacional, before the pursuit of her true passion and vocation which is Psychology. In 2011 began the training in Jungian-Archetypal Psychology, and empathic listening to groups with Malintzin Society. Accompaniment and empathic listening to patients that suffer infertility at Asociación Mexicana de Infertilidad, and Parents of premature newborn at Con Amor Vencerás a group of parents for premature newborn and babies with terminal and congenital diseases. Now begins her work as a therapist.