Why Malintzin? / ¿Por qué Malintzin?

Malintzin, (also known as Malinche) was the interpreter of Hernán Cortés, the Spanish conquistador of what now is Mexico. Together they had a child that can be seen as the symbol that represents two different worlds and brought something new. Malintzin could be imagined as a bridge between cultures and languages, a space that invites to participation and exchange.

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Malintzin, también conocida como La Malinche, fue la intérprete de Hernán Cortés, el conquistador español de lo que ahora es México. Tuvieron un hijo que puede ser visto como el símbolo que representa dos mundos diferentes y trae algo nuevo. Malintzin puede ser imaginada como un puente entre culturas y lenguajes, un espacio que invita a la participación y al intercambio.

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Psychological Activism upon Communities
"Because we affect and effect each other”

Actions is concerned with participation. It wishes to bring depth psychological practices into the daily life of individuals, groups and communities especially to those that otherwise would rarely have access to what we would call a ‘psychological’ frame.

Actions is about engaging with the world around us, away from the usual academic settings in which psychology commonly takes place. Its aim is to promote participation in a psychological exchange that eventually would create multidimensional modalities of being in the world.

Actions foundation is a flow of knowledge that changes from one place and time to another. But the most important element remains to be the people working in it. Having very profound philosophical and psychological objectives, Actions is concerned with the World and all its expressions. Parting from the idea of “taking the psychology out of the consulting room,” as well as from James Hillman’s notion of Anima Mundi, it wishes to reach populations in diverse places and contexts, promoting an aesthetic and ethic sensibility in everyday life.

One of the guiding important values in the pursuit of these objectives is ‘Psyche,’ understood as an extended notion that includes all happenings in our surroundings. This is why Actions is supported and inspired by what we call ‘psychological activism, which refers to the permanent engagement with anything that is around: living beings, other nations, other cultures, ecosystems, cities, institutions, governments, and of course people, as individuals and as communities.

Actions is especially addressed to the general public, individuals, groups and communities who look for alternatives to live … con mayor plenitud y sentido de realización y que desean mejorar sus relaciones consigo y con el “otro”.


Sponsors / Patrocinadores

Institute for Cultural Change Inner evolution, outer change / Evolución interna, cambio externo

Pacifica Graduate Institute
School offering masters and doctoral degrees in Depth Psychology / Instituto de postgrados en Psicología Profunda

Events / Eventos

Imaginando a James Hillman (1926-2011): El desafío de las ideas.

¿Quién es para ti James Hillman ? Sembrador de ideas, contestatario, maestro…

Revolucionarias, intrigantes, absurdas… ¿cómo definirías las propuestas de Hillman?

Te invitamos a dialogar, debatir, y discutir algunas de sus ideas más radicales